Meet Chris

Hi there,

I’m Chris and I’m running to be your next Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee District 19 Representative.

I am so proud to be a lifelong resident of Montgomery County that after law school I moved back home with my wife, Jo. We even moved into the same neighborhood where I grew up! Montgomery County is where we wanted to grow our family and our community because of its diversity, ability for individual and professional growth, and most importantly, the opportunity that comes with being in the middle of the Baltimore-Washington corridor. I knew I wanted to go back home and work to give the next generation everything they gave me when I grew up in this great county.

By day, I'm an employment lawyer, but my workday doesn't leave when I leave the office for the day. I have chosen to commit myself to professional and personal activities that I benefit from and can help develop my local community, too.

Outside of work I serve in a number of different roles in the community. First, I am in my ninth year as a voluntary emergency medical technician (EMT). Every Thursday I ride from 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. with the Bethesda Chevy-Chase Rescue Squad, Inc, also known as Rescue 1. I continue to volunteer after all this time because it gives me the ability to help someone in what may be the worst day they’ve had in a long time.

I also advocate on behalf of the juvenile population in the County, having served as an appointed member of the Montgomery County Juvenile Justice Commission since 2016. I serve on the Executive Committee of the Commission, as Chair of Government and Community Relations. In that capacity, I work to submit recommendations on legislation concerning juvenile crime prevention and improvement of programs addressing juvenile delinquency and child abuse or neglect.

I’m also training the next generation of progressive leaders, as Co-Director of Maryland chapter of New Leaders Council (NLC). NLC is a national non-profit organization that works to recruit, train, and promote young progressive leaders, to develop the progressive politicians of tomorrow. In that role, I develop policy content, leadership strategy, and listen to the needs of our local community to implement the changes needed.

Through all of this, my wife, Jo, has been incredibly supportive. She’s also a lawyer by day and has her own passions surrounding veterans' and women’s issues that she accomplishes at night. Together, with our rescued golden lab pup, Teddy, we live in the Aspen Hill neighborhood.

We are looking forward to meeting you along the way and talking about how I plan to push forward Democratic values in an ever-developing County.