Make All Democratic Party Materials Available in Spanish
Greater than 1 in 7 Montgomery County residents speak Spanish at home. The Democratic Party cannot effectively reach the people we purport to support if our own website and materials are not available in Spanish. If elected as the District 19 Representative on the County's Democratic Central Committee, I will prioritize creating Spanish language resources to serve more of our constituents. 

Support Automatic Voter Registration
Automatic voter registration is a policy of state agencies that automatically register citizens to vote unless the individual decides not to participate. Legislation proposing automatic voter registration was introduced during the 2017 session but failed. MCDCC must supportSB1048, which would implement automatic voter registration.

Endorse Voting by Mail
Despite expanded voting opportunities- early voting and extended hours- voting in-person presents many logistical problems. MCDCC should endorse voting by mail, as set forth in SB547.

Support Ranked-Choice Voting Implementation
Ranked-choice voting ensures the majority elects the majority of seats while voters who are not in the majority are still able to elect a candidate of their choice–giving everyone the power to help elect a candidate of choice. Ranked-choice voting also results in the election of more women, people of color, and women of color. It's time for Montgomery County to implement this fairer system, and the MCDCC should endorseHB173, which would allow the county council to adopt ranked-choice voting.